About this webinar

The recent “Varsity Blues” scandal as well as ongoing affirmative action litigation have put the college admission process in the headlines and prompted an earnest examination of inequities in the selection processes at elite institutions. Much of the related activity is a by-product of a profound cultural change that has taken place at such institutions over the last 40 years resulting absurd levels of selectivity and “side-door” admission scenarios.

This webinar will:

  • Examine the factors that have contributed to this cultural malaise
  • Assess the prospects for meaningful change in the process
  • Provide tips for successfully navigating the college-going process

Join the conversation with former Dean of Admission, Peter Van Buskirk, for a candid interpretation of what systemic selectivity means for future students!

About the Speaker

Peter Van Buskirk

Director of Student Advocacy at Revolution Prep, former Dean of Admission at Franklin & Marshall College, renowned college planning expert, and in-demand speaker.