About this webinar

There is a tremendous amount of confusion over Demonstrated Interest (DI). Join this webinar to get clarity on DI and find out why many schools are reluctant to talk about about it. The session will also cover how students’ attempts to demonstrate interest can backfire, and a creative way to discern how important DI is for each school on your college list. Ample time will be provided for answers to your questions. 

Attendees will walk-away knowing:

  • What Demonstrated Interest (DI) is
  • How DI is measured
  • Which schools utilize DI in the evaluation process
  • Ten ways to demonstrate interest tactfully in the college admission process

This webinar is hosted by Revolution Prep and should not be viewed as an endorsement of School Match 4U, Inc.

About the Speaker

Mark Stucker

Founder of School Match 4U, Inc., Mark is author of the college admissions book, "171 Answers" and the co-host of the podcast, "Your College-Bound Kid." He's also has 19 years of full-time experience in college and boarding school admissions, and in college counseling. He’s worked with private day, boarding, charter and public school students, as well as private clients. He is extremely passionate about finding the right college for every student and ensuring that the college selected is affordable for the family.