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Our full-time tutors are carefully chosen and are experts in their fields. Each Revolution Prep tutor receives 150 hours of annual training and development, which means better results for students.

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About Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep has provided tutoring for thousands of students over the past 15 years in all 50 states, and in over 40 countries. Research has shown that the greatest impact on learning is the quality and experience of the instructor. Revolution Prep employs only highly qualified, full-time tutors who receive weekly, professional development.

Revolution’s convenient online platform is preferred by students and optimizes the learning experience through ease of scheduling and access to top-quality tutors anywhere, at any time. Because it fits easily with a student’s schedule, the platform ensures consistent use and, therefore, exceptional results.

The Revolution Prep Difference
Our Tutors

are full-time employees that are carefully selected and trained on an ongoing basis.

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Our Experts

work in collaboration with school counselors to ensure efficient tutoring for students.

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Our Approach

is guided by growth mindset research that abilities can increase more than one realizes.

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How We Help You Get There

Hear directly from parents and students that have worked with us how Revolution Prep is different.

Our Programs

Revolution Prep’s convenient online tutoring services optimize the learning experience with engaging tutoring, ease of scheduling and top-quality tutors anywhere, at any time. We customize our tutoring to easily fit a student’s schedule and provide exceptional results.



1-on-1 attention that maximizes a student's time in a completely customizable experience. Work on what you want, when you need it.

Available for Test Preparation or Academic Subjects.



Tailored instruction in small groups of just 4 students. Work with the same tutors to achieve amazing results at a fantastic value.

Available for Test Preparation.

Revolution Prep Free Ipad


For a limited time, receive a Free iPad with your Private Tutoring enrollment.

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Trusted by Top Schools

Revolution Prep partners with hundreds of schools and organizations across the world.

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More Schools Choose Revolution Prep than Anyone Else

Counselors in all 50 states - more counselors in top schools all across the country choose Revolution Prep for their students.

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