10 Things We Learned: #1 Quality Assurance is Essential to Great Tutoring

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Revolution Prep has learned a lot throughout 10 years of offering online tutoring services. And after logging more than 1 million hours of virtual teaching, we want to share our top 10.

During the month of October, our Revolution Prep team will be sharing these realizations with one goal in mind: To help equip families to navigate virtual learning.

We’d like to start by explaining what makes a great online tutor. The first thing is that quality assurance is essential to great tutoring.

Constant evaluation is required to ensure the highest quality teaching is delivered. This is especially important in a time where many teachers are having to adapt to a medium they are not familiar with. After all, we should be working to make sure this is not a lost year for America’s children – despite the circumstances.


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Revolution Prep’s tutors are not only trained to teach exclusively online, but they also undergo regular quality assurance evaluations, which guarantee that our students are learning from the best educators in the industry.

Our faculty director, Dr. Audra Stanton, has made this a point of emphasis during her time with us:

“Our tutors have key performance indicators that are examined on a weekly basis to ensure they are upholding the promises they make to families and providing them with a great experience throughout the tutoring process. Additionally, session recordings are pulled regularly for review — to ensure their instruction quality is high,” she said.

Students learn more and tutors have a more complete professional experience because of quality assurance. That’s why our tutors are consistently challenged and motivated to work on their craft and develop themselves as educators.

Audra adds that “Revolution Prep demands a lot from its tutors, while maintaining a culture of community and support that helps them love what they do even more”.

Tutors who are held to the highest standards and love what they do end up being the tutors who help students the most — as teachers and as mentors. And that’s what drives us as a company.

As Audra likes to say, “tutoring is both an art and a science.” So we work hard at both to make sure your child succeeds.