10 Things We Learned: Tutoring should be available to everyone.

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A recent Bloomberg article highlighted the positive consequences of tutoring in children’s lives, stressing that it shouldn’t be restricted to families with big budgets.

We agree. High-quality tutoring should be accessible and inclusive to all.

That’s why our founders Jake and Ramit started Revolution Prep, and why we moved exclusively online a decade ago. By fostering a community of professional tutors who work in all time zones — and from all over the world — we give people access to great tutoring; from anywhere, at all times.

“As the industry-leaders in online tutoring, we focus on accessibility. You shouldn’t be limited by your ZIP code when choosing the person who will help your child get to the next level,” says Ramit Varma, one of Revolution Prep’s founders.

Our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity has one thing in mind: Making sure your child gets the help they need to become successful, well-rounded lifelong learners.

As Bloomberg’s piece explains, tutoring has a direct impact on students’ grades. But high-quality tutoring does much more than that. It teaches time management and independence skills, makes students more confident, and even increases your relationship with your children!


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We recently wrote a post on how we made quality tutoring affordable. Financing plans, money-back guarantees, and a Homework Help program that costs less than a family outing to the movies are just a few ways Revolution Prep is making tutoring accessible and inclusive.

“When Jake and I started Revolution Prep, we had an ambitious but exciting goal: Giving as many children as possible the opportunities to become the best versions of themselves, in the classroom and in life. We’ve been doing that ever since,” Ramit adds.

Learn more about our programs and how our tutors can help your child succeed here.