New August Test Date for SAT®

New August Test Date Announced for SAT

Newly released this year is an exciting new test date for the SAT® test. For the first time in over 40 years, students will have the opportunity to take this test during the summer. The test date for 2017 is set at August 26, 2017 with July registration deadlines.

Benefits of Taking the SAT® in August

What are the benefits of taking this test at the August test date? We wrote an article outlining 5 reasons that summer is the best time to prepare for the SAT® or ACT®. A few of the points we talked about in that article were:

  • It allows a student to prepare without interfering with other school work and studying time constraints.
  • A student can be more intense with their studying and set blocks of time to fully take advantage of their preparation time.
  • Students fight the summer slide by remaining prepared and academically alert outside of the school room for a few months.

Preparing for the August Test Date

There are a variety of ways a student can prepare for the SAT®, regardless of when he takes it. Depending on the score he is shooting for and the amount of time and resources he can put into preparation, there is an option for anyone. The first step for most is taking a practice test to get an idea of his starting score. This helps a student become acquainted with the exams and can determine a plan for preparation.

Download practice exams here.

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