Self-Advocacy Skills

Has your child recently been confused by something covered in school or has needed to skip homework questions because they are too difficult? If so, you are not alone!

The good news is that with the proper self-advocacy skills— the tools that allow students to speak up for what they need—students can take advantage of available assets, and an important resource that is available to students is their teachers.

However, a challenge is that while students who ask teachers for help are more likely to earn A’s, recent research shows that fewer than 1 in 5 students actually do so. That is why this month’s study tips are:

→  Ask at least one question during class or one question after class.

→  Attend at least one Homework Help session.

All Revolution Prep families have access to three complimentary sessions of Homework Help, which provides students with the ability to connect with a live, professional tutor after school seven days per week to ask any of their homework questions. During this week’s sessions we will show students how to take advantage of this valuable resource.

3 ways developing Self-Advocacy Skills make students more college-ready:

  1. Asking for help is part of an academic mindset that that forms the “foundation for student learning—among them, perseverance, intellectual curiosity, and a ‘growth mindset’.”
  2. Students often underestimate how much people are willing to help if they are asked.
  3. Being willing to ask for advice is one way to make people think that you are smarter.

Take it to the next level!

  • Decrease stress by writing down your questions before you ask them in class.
  • Always ask your teachers what times work best for them to provide assistance.
  • Forming study groups is a way for students to learn more effectively.

Remember, developing great habits takes consistent practice so keep at it!

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