New words, new sounds, unfamiliar grammar – they can challenge even the brightest students. If your child is struggling in a foreign language class, we can help. Our Professional Language Tutors will help to connect the unfamiliar vocabulary to your child’s interests, and to the culture. By making the subject more meaningful and personal, it becomes easier to practice and gain confidence.

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Our approach to Foreign Language Tutoring

Practice makes perfect

Like many things in life, mastering a foreign language requires practice and repetition. There is vocabulary to memorize, verb conjugation to master, and unfamiliar sentence structure to conquer. Our Professional Language Tutors find ways to make practice less of a chore, like connecting vocabulary to their passions and interests. This makes practice more enjoyable, but just as importantly, your child will retain the material better.

Build their confidence

Students may hesitate to speak up in class or practice with classmates because they are afraid of being judged for making a mistake. Our Professional Tutors develop a strong bond with their students and encourage an atmosphere of trust, so your child feels comfortable making mistakes without judgement. We help students understand that making mistakes is a key part of growth. By fostering this mindset, we encourage students to take on new challenges and become more confident in all areas of life.

Expand their world view

Language is at the heart of human connection. Learning the language of another culture is a perfect opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. When we learn to appreciate other cultures, we learn empathy and compassion. By encouraging your child’s interest in the culture, our tutors will not only add meaning to the material, but also help them grow as a person.

Mindi is an amazing tutor. She is very easy to work with, explains the lessons well and I am learning a lot with her. I highly recommend using her as your tutor, she is great.

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