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3 Tips to Stay Motivated with Challenging Subjects

Sometimes in life, we have to tackle challenges that we aren’t exactly passionate about. They are often stepping stones to bigger dreams, like getting the grades or test scores needed to get into an awesome college, or on the road to our next big adventure. How can we re-frame those challenges to stay inspired and… Continue reading

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Changing attitude has cascading effects.

Nick began working with Revolution Prep as a 7th grader because he needed help with math and science. His professional tutor, Greg, quickly learned that Nick was a bright kid with above average reading skills but that he was rushing through his work due to a lack of motivation. Greg worked on building a connection… Continue reading

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Making the Grade

While there are notable examples of people whose grades were not important or indicative of their future successes, be it in college or a profession — think Einstein, a notoriously poor student, or Harold Bloom, a preeminent professor and literary critic, who was accepted to Cornell, despite grades, after a “strong performance on the New… Continue reading

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