About this webinar

The cost of a college education continues to rise which may lead some families to assume college is too expensive for them. However, the Financial aid 101 webinar will help families understand what the actual costs are and more importantly, discover ways to pay for a college education.

About the Speaker

Trevor Ramos

Trevor Ramos is the author of How To Get Free Money For College and a scholarship & financial aid specialist. He speaks to parents of high school and community college students on how to attend expensive universities for a fraction of the normal cost. In just 8 years he has helped over 300 families get over 14 million dollars in FREE college money. Trevor’s secret to success came out of his own personal need. Despite having a 2.8 GPA his junior year and being told he didn’t have to grades to get accepted to a selective 4-year college, he was awarded $165,000 to study accounting at Boston University. His talk will discuss how to get free money for college regardless of your income/assets, and how to pay for college without borrowing or using your retirement money.