10 Things We Learned: A strong academic foundation is built early on, and it’s essential.

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Every parent believes in their child’s ability to learn and grow as a student and human being. But as time passes and obstacles appear, it’s normal to be concerned.

“Is my child keeping pace? How can they catch up and then get ahead?”

The answers are rarely clear. However, focusing on a strong academic foundation goes a long way. These habits are built early on, and parents play a major role in the process.

A recent Brookings Institute editorial stresses the lasting importance of parent engagement in children’s academic paths — throughout the pandemic and beyond.

To instill a strong, purposeful growth mindset, parents should equip their children early on with the resources and opportunities to learn and develop executive functioning skills.

“Building a love for learning and the skillset to have long-term strong academic performance starts right as children begin school. What they learn in early grades will eventually influence their ability to learn in later grades,” says Julie Montero, Revolution Prep’s VP of Operations.


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You shouldn’t have to do it all on your own, though. Help is available, and access to it is as easy as ever. Tutoring can be the right addition to parents’ guidance.

Working with a tutor who is trained to focus on the whole child, not just the academic subject being taught, is essential. Our community of tutors was built with that in mind. Our tutors help children become more confident and independent by focusing on executive functioning skills in addition to the academic subjects.

And while an early start is ideal, it’s never too late to focus on a strong academic foundation.

“We found that even students preparing for college become more well-rounded and prepared by getting extra help with their academics. It may even be more important to those who didn’t get that early start, so they can catch up and succeed,” Julie adds.

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