$40,000+ for Increasing Your Child’s SAT Score?!

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Increasing your child’s SAT score can not only mean a greater chance of getting accepted into a more competitive school, but actual money in your pocket. With hard work and enough time, a student can realistically increase his score by 200 points. This can mean more than $40,000 in scholarship money over four years!

Why are schools willing to “pay” for higher scores?

Colleges are competitive institutions and one of the key factors in their ranking is the average SAT score of incoming freshmen. It is a calculated investment on their part to give scholarship money to a student that will significantly help increase this median score. The higher a school’s ranking, the more applications they are likely to receive. Simply put, higher SAT scores can be a win/win for both a student and the college he attends.

You can get an idea of the types of scores specific colleges are looking for with our Interquartile Chart. These ranges indicate the middle of a set of scores and eliminates any outliers in the data. Helping your child to score toward the higher end of the range for his top-choice school can help him be in a great place to potentially receive financial consideration.

Opening up new doors

A 200-point increase, or more, on a student’s SAT score can drastically change the choices in schools that are available to him. It can also mean that you actually pay less for a school because of this increase. We recently worked with a student who worked hard and increased her score 300 points over the course of several months. She was able to get into her top-choice school as well as many others with similar merit. Because of her scores and the scholarship offered to her, she saved $25,000 in tuition!

Increasing your standardized test scores opens up new opportunities, giving your family more college options. Your child could elect to go a more competitive school than originally intended or reduce the financial burden of college by utilizing his improved test scores to earn more merit-based scholarship money. Regardless of the path chosen, SAT/ACT test prep is a strong investment in not only your child’s future, but also your pocketbook.

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