Online Learning: Crossing Geographic and Economic Boundaries

For many parents, the concept of live online instruction is a foreign one.  The idea that an authentic and personalized learning experience can be garnered in through a virtual platform is difficult to grasp, particularly for parents whose own educations were grounded in traditional classrooms.  However, the fact is that current technology provides a progressive and effective way of educating diverse students online across a wide range of studies.

Though the efficacy of online education has been doubted by some in the past, its benefits are becoming more and more readily apparent. Distance learning has emerged at the forefront of education technology and many experts project that online education will rival traditional classroom attendance within the next ten years.

The use of an online platform dissolves geographical boundaries, giving students the occasion to work alongside the best instructors in the nation without leaving their homes.  In addition, students from otherwise unreached and under-served communities are able to interact in the same learning environment as students from traditionally privileged backgrounds.  This widespread accessibility accomplishes a major step toward closing the educational opportunity gap.

At Revolution Prep we have harnessed innovative technology since our founding.  With the launch of our Premium Instructor (Online) course, we have been able to connect students from Appalachia to Beijing with the top SAT and ACT instructors in the industry.  In addition, recorded archives of each live online class are available to students 24/7/365.  Students across the globe can now access the tools they need to prepare for their academic futures and reach goals that previously seemed unattainable.

For a firsthand account of one columnist’s experience with online learning, check out this article.,0,358712,full.column

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