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Your Child’s AP Scores Could Be Worth $50,000!

AP Exams are taken each May by students to show their mastery of particular subjects to potential colleges. Doing well on these tests can lead to college credit and merit-based scholarships at certain schools. Students who take AP exams and score well are 62% more likely to graduate from college in four years or less…. Continue reading

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What You Will Learn From Scoring Your Practice Exam

Once a student completes their Revolution Prep practice exam, there is one more quick step before meeting with a testing expert: scoring the exam. While the process takes only a couple minutes, you may be surprised that some students don’t actually take the time to score. After all the work that goes into preparing for… Continue reading

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5 Tips For Taking A Practice Exam

You signed up for your practice exam with Revolution Prep and now want to know how to get the most out of the experience. As leaders in test preparation, we have worked with thousands of students to help them prepare and succeed on these tests. It probably won’t be the MOST fun you’ll ever have… Continue reading

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