About this webinar

What matters most in college search? It’s the community – the people and experiences that make college so radically life-defining. If you speak with any college student in the country, he/she will likely admit that data cannot accurately represent what matters most in the college experience.  However, if you’re looking to find out acceptance rates, student-faculty ratios, and popular majors at colleges of interest, then you’re in luck!  There’s no shortage of college search tools helping students and families access this type of data.

If we want to push the industry forward, we need to ask how we can introduce community and “vibe” into the college search conversation.  Our answer: turn the college students into storytellers.  Empower those real, living college students with the tools to be effective digital storytellers.  Who better to tell a college’s story than the students?  When actual students film their lives on campus, you get to see the real deal.  The authentic experience, unfiltered through a college’s admissions or marketing department.

Join this webinar to learn how CampusReel is using authentic video content to re-imagine the college search process for applicants and counselors globally.

*This webinar is hosted by Revolution Prep and should not be viewed as an endorsement of CampusReel.

About CampusReel: By empowering real college students with the tools to become effective digital storytellers, CampusReel promotes equity and transparency in the college search space for any prospective students in the world, regardless of any financial, temporal, or geographic constraints he/she may have.  CampusReel currently hosts a video library of 12,000 short-form videos from 270 college campuses in the United States, and is adding new content and college profiles to the platform each week.


About the Panel

Rob Carroll

Rob got his first taste of entrepreneurship in 2011, cofounding an online marketplace for college students to buy, sell and swap goods and services. In 2015, he graduated from Colgate University with a degree in environmental economics. After graduation, Rob worked at Ernst & Young (EY) helping clients identify and implement process efficiencies before leaving to found CampusReel with fellow Colgate-grad Nick Freud. As co-founder & CEO, Rob is heavily involved in strategy, fundraising, finances, project management and partnerships.

Nick Freud

Nick grew up in New York City and attended college at Colgate University majoring in english and film and volunteering as an SAT tutor. After graduating in 2015, he moved to Phuket, Thailand to work as a math and health teacher and spent eight months bartending his way through Australia before returning to the U.S. to found CampusReel with co-founder Rob Carroll. His responsibilities include product development, the ambassador program, development, outreach, marketing and fundraising.