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Setting a Goal Score (And a Plan to Achieve It!)

When looking at SAT/ACT preparation options, it is important to first determine your goal score. Once you have this number, one of our advisors can help you break down a plan and timeline for achieving it. Because every situation is different, Revolution Prep academic advisors work with students to determine what they hope to accomplish… Continue reading

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$40,000+ for Increasing Your Child’s SAT Score?!

Increasing your child’s SAT score can not only mean a greater chance of getting accepted into a more competitive school, but actual money in your pocket. With hard work and enough time, a student can realistically increase his score by 200 points. This can mean more than $40,000 in scholarship money over four years! Why… Continue reading

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What You Will Learn From Scoring Your Practice Exam

Once a student completes their Revolution Prep practice exam, there is one more quick step before meeting with a testing expert: scoring the exam. While the process takes only a couple minutes, you may be surprised that some students don’t actually take the time to score. After all the work that goes into preparing for… Continue reading

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3 Common Trends on What Students Miss on Practice Exams

Take a look at a sample score report. They’re confusing and overwhelming. When looking at a score report for the SAT, ACT, or PSAT practice tests it is important to consider not only the questions you missed but a variety of other factors that can indicate overall trends. Looking at the “big number” or overall… Continue reading

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